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Guadalajara Int'l FF

Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal Canada (2019)


Availability &
Screening Time:

400 tickets


Charles Fairbanks & Saúl Kak





Running Time:

18 min


Spanish | Latin American

( ( ( ( ( /* ) ) ) ) ) we pronounce it as “echoes of the volcano” emerges as a slow-building, quiet and sensory film giving insight into the lives of the Zoque community, who were displaced when the Chichonal volcano erupted in 1982 devastating the region and decimating their crops and livestock, as well as killing many of their people. Now, 37 years later we meet a group of Zoque women who have a formed a network building hope and working towards re-claiming their ancestral lands.

The film offers an ethnographic excursion interspersed with quaint music, homeless dogs barking and the sounds of advertisements blaring from loudspeakers across the town, and within this sonic experience we understand the inherent disorder facing the community.

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