Family has an impact on each of us. For Jessica, her family life has been difficult. Jessica’s search for identity leads her to discover that she needs to let go of pain and heal herself before she can heal her family.


This film sensitively captures the lives of these girls as they move between the city streets and the ocean.

Bromwell Street

Bromwell Street tells a human story of people feeling as though they’ve been thrown away by the current regime and left to fend for themselves.

Still I Stand

This touching short follows Andrew as he describes his life after the death of his wife

Friends of the Liesbeek

Friends of the Liesbeek is an initiative, started 25 years ago, that combats litter and waste water pollution in the Liesbeek river.


The carefully observed short film introduces us to Mampuse and Ben, who spend their days collecting and selling recyclable materials to provide for themselves and their families.


No matter one’s past or the darkness that haunts it, light can always be found. Siphosethu (Mhambi) Dyonasi leaves behind a painful past but has found light and healing through art.

Still a Man

This touching short explores albinism within Xhosa culture and the conflicting nature of living with albinism and going through initiation. Thulani discovers it is rather his actions that prove he is still a man.

Street Survival

Street Survival, follows Tumisang Kokorwe as he spends 24 hours as a homeless person