!Aitsa transcends tradition, science and spirituality, immersing viewers on a journey that explores the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project in the Karoo. The film delves into the Khoi and San populations' traditional roots and highlights the sacred value of the land.

African Premiere
SA Premiere
Screenings – JHB
Bio Sun 25 June 4pm


Dane Dodds


Denmark | South Africa



Running Time:

89 min



Dane Dodds’ documentary, !Aitsa, is an immersive journey that transcends the boundaries of tradition, science and spirituality. The film explores the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project in the Karoo, which seeks to unravel the mysteries of the universe through radio astronomy. However, it is not merely a scientific exploration, as Dodds takes the viewer on a historical expedition, delving into the traditional roots of the Khoi and San populations of the region. Through the film’s lens, we witness the enigmatic convergence of scientific and traditional knowledge, as we are reminded of the sacred value that the land holds for the early inhabitants. The film’s loving portrayal of the Karoo landscape serves as a poignant reminder that the history and traditions of a place are intertwined with its scientific discoveries. Dodds’ curious direction invites us to reflect on the fine line that exists between the exploration of modern science and ancestral practices, whilst also bringing into question the juxtaposition of cultures in a most captivating and compassionate documentary.


Director: Dane Dodds

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