Dancing Pina

Pina Bausch revolutionised modern dance with her choreographic style. But what is her legacy? A visually intense and emotionally charged journey into the world of modern dance and beyond.

Screenings – CT
Lab1Sat 1 July 3pm


Florian Heinzen-Ziob


Germany | Senegal



Running Time:

112 min


German, English, French, Portuguese

It starts with a quiet, but firm instruction: “Just go”, a choreographer asks this of her dancers. “Don’t think, just go. Go with the movements and the flow.” She is part of the Semperoper Ballet Company in Dresden who are preparing a performance of Philippine “Pina” Bausch’s opera Iphigenia in Tauris. Pina, a legendary German dancer and choreographer, revolutionised modern dance as we know it, so what better way to continue her legacy than going on a journey of different dancers performing her works? As some practice in Germany, so too do dancers from all over Africa rehearse Pina’s ballet Le Sacre du Printemps at the École des Sables in Senegal. It is a coming together of spirits, a celebration of effort and a quiet, but firm instruction of letting go to the movements of Pina’s unforgettable works.

Courtesy of the Goethe-Institue JHB


With "Dancing Pina" comes (...) one of the most beautiful films about Pina Bausch's work in the cinemas (...) All those whose heart beats for dance should therefore warmly take this film to them. He will stay there - just like Pina Bausch's work lives on in all those who have seen it and, above all, in those who have danced it and will dance in the future. A lesson about being and becoming human.
— tanznetz.de
Full force. Great. Just seeing how the young dancers approach Pina Bausch's work, how they rediscover it and apply it to themselves is great (...) Even during rehearsals you have the feeling of following a stage play, such a thing Impact, such power have music, dance, performance. And when they end up dancing in front of an audience or on the sand, you don't want it to stop: not only are these beautiful images, they convey a powerful mood and bring dance art to life on screen.
— cinema time