Hidden Letters

Two Chinese millennial women must save an ancient secret treasure from falling into the wrong hands, but don’t expect it will save them too.


16th Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US (2023) – Nominated: Spotlight Award

38th IDA Documentary Awards – Nominated: Best Feature Documentary Shortlist

Adelaide Film Festival (2022) – Nominated: International Documentary Award – Best Documentary

Austin Asian American Film Festival (2022) – Winner: Jury Award: Best Documentary Feature

Austin Asian American Film Festival – Winner: Audience Award – Feature Film

Bergen International Film Festival (2022) – Winner: Best Norwegian Documentary

Documentary Edge Festival (2022) – Nominated: DocEdge Award – Best International Feature

Festival International du Film sur l'Art - Artfifa (Le FIFA) (2023) – Winner: Jury Prize

Heartland International Film Festival (2022) – Winner: Grand Prize – Documentary Feature

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (2022) – Winner: International Documentary Grand Jury Prize

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (2022) – Winner: Matt Decample Audience Choice Award

Lunenburg Doc Fest (2022) – Nominated: Best Feature Documentary

Nordic / Docs (2022) – Winner: Special Jury Award

Oslo Films from the South Festival (2022) – Nominated: DOC: South Award: Best Documentary

Tribeca Film Festival (2022) – Nominated: Best Documentary

ZagrebDox (2023) – Nominated: Big Stamp – International Competition

African Premiere
SA Premiere
Screenings – CT
Lab1Fri 30 June 8.30pm
Screenings – JHB
ZoneNouvFri 23 June 6.30pm


Violet Du Feng


China | Germany | Norway | USA



Running Time:

86 min



Hidden Letters unveils the captivating tale of Nushu, a secret language used by Chinese women for centuries. The film intertwines the journeys of two modern women who find solace and empowerment through Nushu. From oppressive marriages to contemporary challenges, they navigate a culture ingrained in female subservience. As they strive for balance and self-expression, the documentary exposes the commercialization of Nushu, juxtaposing its intimate origins. Through poignant storytelling, filmmaker Violet Feng creates a lasting impact, shedding light on women’s equality and the enduring power of sisterhood.