The Kingmaker

SA Premiere

Availability &
Screening Time:

500 tickets
Thu 27 Aug / 9am


Lauren Greenfield


Denmark | Philippines | US



Running Time:

101 min



The Kingmaker provides an extraordinary look at the controversial political career of Imelda Marcos, the former Philippines first lady who, together with her husband, reigned over the country with an iron fist while pillaging its wealth. What seems to begin as a somewhat preening account of Marcos, gradually becomes a descent into horror as the film builds a brutally blunt portrait of a woman who seems to singularly lack any empathy or self-awareness other than a relentless will-to-power. Beyond its depiction of her re-ascent to power and the terror of the current Duterte administration, the film is particularly topical since Marcos’ approach is one that is echoed by many other politicians around the world who are following a similarly fascist agenda.

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