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SA Premiere
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V&A SK7Mon 26 June 6.30pm
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ZoneNouv 12Tue 27 June 7.30pm


Eva Weber


Denmark | Germany | UK



Running Time:

96 min



During her four terms as Germany’s first woman Chancellor, Angela Merkel established herself as a point of stability in an increasingly chaotic world. Even when faced with a refugee crisis that seemed to threaten the very fabric of Europe, Merkel consistently held her own, maintaining a moral position that has left her on the right side of history. This comprehensive documentary looks back on her career and personal life, from her formative years in what was then East Germany, to her appointment on Helmut Kohl’s cabinet in a reunified Germany and her eventual role as one of the world’s longest-serving democratically elected leaders. Featuring extensive archive footage and interviews with colleagues and intimates, the result is a carefully considered portrait of a political figure who showed that there is a different way to do politics.

Courtesy of the Producer