Money, Freedom

A Story of the CFA Franc

L'argent, la liberté: une histoire du Franc CFA

Money, Freedom is an ambitious and detailed documentary exploring the controversial use of the CFA franc currency in West and Central Africa. The film highlights the ongoing impact of colonialism and urges action for economic independence and sovereignty in Africa.

SA Premiere
Screenings – JHB
BioTue 27 June 7pm


Katy Lena Ndiaye


Belgium | France | Germany | Senegal



Running Time:

105 min


French, Wolof, English

Money, Freedom: A Story of the CFA Franc is a compelling and insightful documentary that delves into the contentious use of the CFA franc currency in West and Central Africa. Under the direction of Katy Lena Ndiaye, the film delves into the origins of the currency, its effects on the economies of African nations and the far-reaching political and social ramifications of its continued use. Through a combination of archival footage, interviews with economists, politicians and activists, as well as personal stories from people affected by the CFA franc, the film provides a sobering examination of the ongoing impact of colonialism on African nations, highlighting the significance of economic independence and sovereignty for these countries. Its themes, approach to storytelling and cultural relevance make it a timeless documentary about the role of economic systems in shaping the lives of African people and further suggests an a urgent call to action for Africans and the international community to take a critical look at the current global economic system and work towards a more just and equitable future for all


Panellist: Fernanda Pinto de Almeida

Director: Katy Lena Ndiaye

Panellist: Rory Bester

Panel Moderator: Sarah Dawson