Out of Uganda

Out of Uganda powerfully documents the struggles of four LGBT youth in Uganda facing continual harassment and threats. With no safe harbour, the only way for them to guarantee their safety is to seek asylum in Switzerland.

African Premiere
SA Premiere
Screenings – CT
V&A SK7Sun 25 June 4.30pm
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BioFri 30 June 6.30pm


Rolando Colla & Josef Burri


Switzerland | Uganda



Running Time:

65 min


English, French

For those caught in the crosshairs of homophobic hatred in Uganda, there is no safe harbour, and, as Out of Uganda‘s title sadly suggests, the only way for a queer person to be guaranteed their safety is to get out of the country. This moving documentary looks at the hardships and threats experienced by four Ugandan LGBT youth, three of whom, faced with continual harassment simply for being themselves, seek asylum in Switzerland, where they await the announcement of their fate by the slow-moving Swiss bureaucracy. As well as documenting the experiences of queer Ugandans and their families, the film also explores the role of evangelical Christianity in the spread of homophobia and the ways in which it weaponises media, government and social structures.

Courtesy of SWISS FILMS


Director: Josef Burri

Panel Moderator: Shameela Seedat

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