CPH:DOX (2020)

Sundance (2020)

SA Premiere

Availability &
Screening Time:

400 tickets
Fri 21 Aug 2020 / 8.15pm + Q&A @ 9.50pm


Sam Soko


Canada | Kenya



Running Time:

96 min



Political activist Boniface “Softie” Mwangi has long fought injustices in his country. Now he’s taking the next step by running for office in a regional Kenyan election. But running a clean campaign against corrupt opponents, with idealism as his only weapon, proves challenging – and Boniface soon discovers that confronting strong political dynasties poses a risk to his family’s safety. Should country really come before family, as he’s always believed? Although set against the backdrop of a country in transition, the film goes beyond politics to reveal what fuels one person’s need to push for change. To this end, moments spent with his wife and children deepen our understanding and offer introspective respites from the turbulent pace of the campaign.

Co-presented with DIFF
Our pre-recorded Q&A with the Director is available on our YouTube channel, or embedded below.
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