We, Students!

Nous, étudiants!

We, Students! portrays the harsh realities of university life in Central African Republic, where poverty and corruption run rampant. Despite these challenges, a group of inspiring students persevere, showing the power of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.


Berlinale (2022) – Nominated: Panorama Audience Award: Documentary Film

Black Movie Film Festival (2023) – Nominated: Young Adults Jury Award: Best Film

Cinéma du Réel (2022) – Winner: Libraries Award/Prix des Bibliothèques

Cinéma du Réel (2022) – Winner: Louis Marcorelles Award

Cinéma du Réel (2022) – Nominated: Cinéma du Réel Award: International Competition

DMZ International Documentary FF (2022) – Nominated: White Goose Award – Grand Prize: International Competition

DMZ International Documentary FF (2022) – Winner: Special Jury Prize: International Competition

Entrevues Film Festival (2022) – Nominated: Grand Prix Janine Bazin Award

FESCAAAL (2022) – Nominated: Special Mention Jury

Festival de Cine Africano (2022) – Nominated: Best Actors Award

Fidadoc (2022) – Nominated: Special Jury Award

Hainan International Film Festival (2022) – Winner: Golden Coconut: Best Documentary Feature

IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival (2022) – Winner: Silvestre Award: Best Feature Film

Luxembourg City Film Festival (2023) – Nominated: Best Documentary

MajorDocs (2022) – Nominated: Best Film

Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film (2022) – Nominated: Golden Bayard: Best First Film

Reykjavik International Film Festival (2022) – Nominated: A Different Tomorrow: Best Documentary

Valdivia International Film Festival (2022) – Nominated: Special Mention: Best International Film

Screenings – CT
V&A SK7Sat 1 July 7.30pm
Screenings – JHB
BioSat 24 June 5pm


Rafiki Fariala


Central African Republic | Democratic Republic of Congo | France | Saudi Arabia



Running Time:

83 min


Sango, French

We, Students! is an insightful film that offers a poignant portrayal of the realities faced by university students in developing Central African Republic. Through a micro-sociological lens, the film illustrates the daily impact of poverty and exploitation, a direct result of the actions of selfish and corrupt individuals in positions of authority. However, themes of community, friendship and adulthood emerge. The film shares the inspiring stories of a group of dynamic students who, despite facing unforeseen circumstances such as unplanned fatherhood and illness, remain steadfast in their pursuit of a better future. Through their unwavering resilience and determination, viewers witness first-hand how these students navigate challenging situations and make difficult moral decisions in order to survive. With its honest portrayal of the struggles and triumphs, We, Students! offers a glimpse into the human experience and reminds us of the power of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.