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Annelize Kotze

Social History Curator — Iziko Museums Of South Africa

Panellist: A Story of Bones

Annelize Kotze is a Social History Curator at the Iziko Museums of South Africa who is currently doing her Masters in Archaeology at the University of Cape Town (UCT), focusing on cultural identity of Khoe, San and Coloured women in the Western and Northern Cape. She is a member of the A/Xarra Restorative Justice Forum in the Centre for African Studies (CAS), at UCT where she sits on the Language, Human Remains, and Women’s Commission. Currently she holds the title of President of the Commonwealth Association of Museums (CAM). She is a passionate advocate for decolonising museum spaces and allowing previously marginalised and silenced communities to have a voice in spaces where they were misrepresented. Community engagement with regards to repatriation of museum objects and especially the sensitivities regarding human remains, is a prominent part of her work.