Sundance Film Festival, Utah, USA (2024) – Nominated: Grand Jury Prize: Documentary

SXSW Film Festival, Texas, USA (2024) – Nominated: Audience Award: Festival Favorites

Sydney Film Festival, Australia (2024) – Nominated: Documentary Australia Award

7-9PG Feature International
African Premiere SA Premiere

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Film Poster

Every Little Thing is a documentary about hummingbirds you never knew you needed to watch! In the hills of Hollywood, Terry Masear finds herself caring for wounded hummingbirds, her life transformed by the fragility and resilience of the tiny creatures. Masear wrote a book about working with the world’s smallest birds, which led to filmmaker Sally Aitken following her over a busy caretaking season in Los Angeles. Exquisitely photographed and phenomenally heartwarming, watching Masearr take care of the birds is so therapeutic that it’s easy to see how her relationship with the winged wonders changed her life. But beyond the adorability of its central subjects and their magnetic screen presence, the film is a heartfelt call for humans to reconsider the world and our place within it, expanding our concept of care to include every little thing.