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Fading Footprints explores the life of the Ju/’hoansi tribe, one of the last remaining Khoi-San tribes, as 60 000 years’ worth of wisdom faces the threat of disappearance through modernisation. By following the journeys of different members of the Ju/’hoansi tribe as they navigate preserving their identity and traditions, Fading Footprints casts a light onto these ancient practices in the face of modern lifestyles, politics and social conforms. The film is an invitation to understand the significance of preserving and practising traditions, offering a personal and authentic view into culture and freedom, while celebrating the traditional values held by the Ju/’hoansi tribe. In the age of modernism, post-colonialism and capitalism, Fading Footprints documents how the indigenous knowledge, customs, and languages of the Ju/’hoansi tribe are vulnerable to being lost forever.