Annecy Int’l Animated FF (2023) – Nominated: Cristal: Best Short

Guanajuato Int’l FF (2023) – Nominated: Festival Prize: Best Animated Short Film

Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films (2023) – Nominated: Grand Prize: Grand Competition Short Film

Short International
African Premiere SA Premiere

love-me-true-poster-portrait Poster
Film Poster

Love Me True is an animated documentary that chronicles the dependency and misfortune of dating apps. The film focuses on a weekend in the dating life of Laurence, a French woman who undergoes a rollercoaster of experiences while experimenting with online dating. Laurence is only able to have an active dating life through the apps but is also deeply affected by the culture of sexualisation, misogyny, and mistreatment from the men she meets. Through Laurence, the documentary questions modern romance and the prevalence of dating applications. The animation also introspects Laurence’s decision-making, her values and how she finds herself trapped between no romantic opportunities and toxic love interests.