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Raw (Rou) follows the slow death of a South African rural town, Nthoroane, by exploring myths, disasters, and miracles surrounding the town’s history. Raw (Rou), which refers to a ‘process of mourning,’ captures the lives and stories of the residents who remain connected to this place. Through a mix of interviews and observation, the legends and truth of the town converge into a newfound reality, marked by stories of aliens, ancestors, and faith. The film explores the history and politics of Nthoroane, from the forcible evictions of black residents due to a coal mining operation in 1991 to the lore surrounding the spiritual qualities of the landmark ‘SR’ stone initials found on the hill overlooking the town. Raw (Rou) is a lamentation on the remnants of a once-thriving South African town in the face of displacement, decay, and the loss of a way of life.