• A Fidai Film

    A Fidai Film

    When the Israeli Defence force invaded Southern Lebanon in the summer of 1982, they stole the archive collection of photographs…

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  • Black Box Diaries

    Black Box Diaries

    When young Japanese journalist Shiori Itō fails to get the police to investigate and prosecute her charge of sexual assault…

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  • Bye Bye Tiberias

    Bye Bye Tiberias

    This intimately made film chronicles the life and family history of the great Palestinian actress Hiam Abbas, most familiar to…

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  • Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano

    Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano

    When a massive explosion destroyed a large part of Beirut in August 2020, it was yet another blow to a…

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  • Defectors


    This affectionate family portrait explores the history of a divided Korea from a deeply personal perspective. South Korean director Hyun…

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  • Going to Mars

    Going to Mars

    This masterfully produced look at the life of hugely influential African American poet and activist Nikki Giovanni is made instantly…

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  • Hollywoodgate


    When the US Army withdrew from Afghanistan in 2021, the Taliban immediately took over, declaring themselves the de facto government…

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  • Johatsu


    In Japan, around 80,000 people disappear every year. Most of them are eventually found or return home but thousands of…

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  • London Recruits

    London Recruits

    London Recruits seamlessly fuses dramatic reenactments with contemporary interviews and a rich pool of archive footage to tell the story…

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  • My Mercury

    My Mercury

    Set on the remote Mercury Island, off the coast of Namibia, My Mercury explores the life of Yves, a conservationist…

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  • No Other Land

    No Other Land

    No Other Land is filmmaker Basel Adra’s powerful first-person account of living in the Palestinian village of Masafer Yatta, located…

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  • Our Land, Our Freedom

    Our Land, Our Freedom

    A quest for answers results in so much more in the film Our Land, Our Freedom. We follow a Kenyan…

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  • Soundtrack to a Coup d’État

    Soundtrack to a Coup d’État

    This densely hyperactive masterpiece of documentary filmmaking tells the story of how the CIA weaponised African American musicians during the…

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  • The Mother of All Lies

    The Mother of All Lies

    In this remarkable fusing of the documentary and memoir form, young Moroccan filmmaker Asmae El Moudir uses a miniature reproduction…

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