Booking She Comes

Booking She Comes delves into the life of Charnie Segametsi Kolwane Mrwebi, a fearless Sesotho author and activist. It showcases her use of Sesotho literature to inspire, educate and preserve cultural heritage, while highlighting the challenges artists face in South Africa.



Thabelo Moraka


South Africa



Running Time:

24 min



Booking She Comes is a captivating short film that delves deep into the remarkable life of Charnie Segametsi Kolwane Mrwebi, a book author and activist who fearlessly writes in Sesotho. The narrative showcases how Charnie utilises the power of Sesotho literature to ignite inspiration, impart knowledge and preserve her rich cultural heritage for Sesotho-speaking individuals. The various trials and tribulations she faced are explored, highlighting her unwavering resilience in overcoming them. Moreover, the film sheds light on the arduous challenges faced by artists in South Africa, revealing the persistent struggles to earn a livelihood and secure support to elevate their artistic endeavours. Through Charnie Mrwebi’s story, the film underscores the pivotal role artists play in shaping society and constructing an inclusive cultural paradigm in South Africa.

The LEGENDS AND STORY-KEEPERS BLOCK includes Apostles of Cinema, Ben Nomoyi, Booking She Comes, and The Translator

Courtesy of The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC)