The Translator

Nasteeho came to Addis Ababa as child after becoming displaced from Somalia. Speaking no Amharic at the start, she is now a translator for Somalis in Addis Ababa.

World Premiere
African Premiere
SA Premiere


Zewdu Lingerh, Dagim Mesele, Mikias Dawit


Ethiopia | UK



Running Time:

6 min


Amharic, Somali, with English subtitles

The Translator is a captivating tale of resilience and hope that chronicles the journey of a young Somali girl who, along with her family, sought refuge in Ethiopia following the upheaval in her homeland. Through her experiences, the story showcases how she has triumphed over adversity and found her calling as a language instructor, bridging the gap between diverse communities. What makes this account remarkable is the protagonist’s unwavering positivity and sense of direction, which inspire one to look beyond their own struggles and find meaning in life’s challenges.

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