Breaking Barriers

The Ricardo Fitzpatrick Story

Ricardo shares his story as a differently-abled person, from a bodybuilder to a powerlifter. Despite having his leg amputated, he remains optimistic and strives to achieve more. He empowers others, cares for his community and aims to revive his town's Multipurpose Centre.

Screenings – CT
Lab1Sun 2 July 12pm+ Q&A
Screenings – JHB
BioFri 23 June 7pm+ Q&A


Eric Kok


South Africa



Running Time:

24 min



Ricardo has a joyful disposition while he shares his journey of living as a differently able bodied individual. Having his leg amputated as an infant, he reflects on his life against the backdrop of developing from a bodybuilder to a powerlifter. Ricardo highlights his disability as a catalyst for yearning to achieve more regardless of his limited abilities. He also remains a full-time employee of the Premier’s Office as a Network Controller. Over and above this, he believes in spending his time empowering others and caring for his community. In the future he hopes to revive his town’s Multipurpose Centre.

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Courtesy of The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC)