Coach introduces us to Merlin Mosoko, who teaches basketball to his son and children in Delft, South Africa. Despite the country's lack of support for the sport, Merlin's passion has grown into a community effort to provide children with opportunities to play and build skills.

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Subtle Art of PerformanceLab1Sun 2 July 12pm+ Q&A
Ster-Kinekor EYE (Invite Only)V&A SK9Sun 2 July 3pmAwards Ceremony


Damian Samuels


South Africa



Running Time:

8 min



Merlin Mosoko has always loved basketball, even when the country he lives in – South Africa – didn’t love it back. So when he saw his son, Michael Ekwandja, had talent for the sport, he embarked on teaching him everything he knew, finding himself teaching other children as well. A short glimpse into the lives of this family living in Delft, South Africa, Coach demonstrates how one’s passion can grow into something bigger than they thought possible.

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