Beaujolais Meetings of French-speaking Cinema (2023) – Nominated: Jury Award: Best Film

BFI London Film Festival (2023) – Winner: Grierson Award Documentary Film

Chicago International Film Festival (2023) – Nominated: Gold Hugo: Best Documentary

Cleveland International Film Festival (2024) – Winner: Nesnady and Schwartz Documentary Competition: Best Documentary

DOXA Documentary Film Festival (2024) – Nominated: DOXA Best Documentary Film Award

Dublin International Film Festival Ireland, 2024 (2024) – Nominated: ICCL Human Rights Award: Best Documentary – Special Mention

Film Independent Spirit Awards (2024) – Nominated: Independent Spirit Award: Best Documentary

International Cinephile Society Awards (2024) – Nominated: ICS Award: Best Documentary

Marrakech International Film Festival (2023) – Winner: Jury Prize

Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival (2023) – Winner: Ulysses Award: Best Documentary

Palm Springs International Film Festival (2024) – Nominated: FIPRESCI Prize Best Foreign Language Film

PREMIO INTERNAZIONALE EFEBO D’ORO (2023) – Winner: Premio Michele Mancini Student Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo and the Sicilian branch of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

16DLNSPV Feature International
African Premiere SA Premiere

bye-bye-tiberias_poster_portrait Poster
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This intimately made film chronicles the life and family history of the great Palestinian actress Hiam Abbas, most familiar to mainstream Western audiences for her role as Marcia Roy in the TV series Succession. Abbas is an extraordinary actress with a remarkable presence, and she has lived a dynamic and full life that is well worth documenting. But what elevates Bye Bye Tiberias is how its protagonist’s personal history is never separated from the Middle East’s deep cultural richness and political volatility. Abbas has French and Israeli citizenship and was born to a family of Muslim Arabs in Nazareth, so her very existence is deeply rooted in historical complexity. Directed and narrated by Abbas’ daughter, Lina Soualem, this timely documentary is bathed in the empathy of the personal, even as it cannot escape the fact that the place that birthed so many of Abbas’ memories is under existential threat.

Courtesy of Cinema Solidarity


Panel Moderator: Anita Khanna

Panellist: Bonita Bennett

Panellist: Loren Loubser

Panellist: Roshan Dadoo

Labia 1 Sat 22 June 7.30pm + Panel

POST PANEL DISCUSSION: “Vanished Places, Scattered Memories”

Join us for an intimate, intergenerational conversation between filmmaker and activist, Loren Loubser and director of the District Six Museum, Bonita Bennett. Loren and Bonita will respond to Bye Bye Tiberius through their own experiences of Palestine solidarity work, personal archiving and the legacy of forced removals – from apartheid South Africa to apartheid Israel.

Bioscope Sun 23 June 3pm + Panel

POST PANEL DISCUSSION: “On Exile, Homelands, Return and Memory”

Panellist: Roshan Dadoo Coordinator, SA BDS Coalition
Moderator: Anita Khanna, Co-Director, Temperature Rising

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