Ikinji’s Stories

حواديت إيكنجي‎

Three Egyptian women share their stories of life in rural Egypt. Rokia tells of lost love, as she and Rose recount stories of giving birth without medical assistance. They vividly reveal differences between then and now, painting a picture of life in the past.

Screenings – CT
V&A SK7Tue 27 June 6pm+ Q&A


Marwa El Sharkawy





Running Time:

14 min


In this heartfelt narrative, three women recount their individual experiences in Arabic of how life used to be in Egypt before the changes of modern times. Rokia, a young woman with tattoos of both her father and ex-fiance on her arm, tells the touching story of a love lost due to her father’s disapproval. She takes us through the process of getting a tattoo using various tools, as both Rokia and Rose recount stories of giving birth without medical assistance, relying on neighbours for help. They reveal the stark differences between life for women then and now, painting a vivid picture of rural life in a time long gone.

The Survival, Sacrifice and Self-Awareness Shorts Block includes Push Comes to Shove – Stories of Obstetric Violence: Bongie’s Story, Ikinji’s Stories, Crushed