Push Comes to Shove

Stories of Obstetric Violence: Bongie's Story

I'm just a girl that had her uterus stolen

Screenings – CT
Survival, Sacrifice and Self-Awareness V&A SK7Tue 27 June 6pm+ Q&A
Ster-Kinekor EYE (Invite Only)V&A SK9Sun 2 July 3pm+ Awards Ceremony


Kamvelihle Stemela


South Africa



Running Time:

6 min



Push Comes to Shove: Stories of Obstetric Violence: Bongie’s Story is a touching documentary that exposes the dark reality of obstetric violence within South Africa’s health system. Through compelling interviews with activists, medical professionals and victims, the film shines a spotlight on the experiences of women who have been subjected to this distressing form of gender-based violence. By sharing the stories of survivors and amplifying their voices, this story unveils the harrowing reality faced by women during childbirth, unveiling a hidden side of healthcare that demands immediate attention. The film confronts the ingrained biases, power imbalances and inadequate practices that contribute to this form of violence, urging viewers and policymakers to take decisive steps towards comprehensive reform. Through its compelling narrative, the documentary aims to generate meaningful dialogue and inspire tangible change, ensuring the well-being of women within the health sector across South Africa.

The Survival, Sacrifice and Self-Awareness Shorts Block includes Push Comes to Shove – Stories of Obstetric Violence: Bongie’s Story, Ikinji’s Stories, Crushed

The Ster-Kinekor EYE Shorts Block includes Our Land, The Reclaimers, Jikele Maweni Ndiyahamba, Coach, A Performance on Femininity, Push Comes to Shove – Stories of Obstetric Violence: Bongie’s Story