Indiefest Film Awards (2024) – Winner: Best Female Directors

Indiefest Film Awards (2024) – Winner: Best Of Show

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African Premiere SA Premiere

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Set on the remote Mercury Island, off the coast of Namibia, My Mercury explores the life of Yves, a conservationist whose sole purpose is to protect the endangered gannet and penguin colonies on the island from the threat of invasive seals. Since the 19th century, a history of exploitation through the harvesting of guano for fertiliser, and later industrial fishing practices, resulted in the decline of the seabird population by 90%, leaving it vulnerable to the invasion of seals which threaten their ecosystem, reproductive practices, and survival. With footage drawn from Yve’s personal video archives and diary entries from his time on the island, a portrait of personal sacrifice against the harshness of the wilderness emerges as Yves ventures on a journey to save the seabirds. Through a reflective and tender lens, My Mercury captures a dialogue between man and nature and whether the ends justify the means.


Co-Director: Joëlle Chesselet

Protagonist: Yves Chesselet