Berlin Int’l FF (2024) – Winner: Panorama Audience Award: Documentary Film; Berlinale Documentary Award

CPH:DOX (2024) – Winner: Audience Award

Human Int’l Doc FF (2024) – Winner: The Human Rights Human Wrongs Film Award

Millennium Docs Against Gravity (2024) – Winner: Grand Prix Bank Millenium Award Best Film; Bydgoszcz ART.DOC Award; Audience Award

Sheffield Int’l Doc FF (2023) – Nominated: Tim Hetherington Award

Visions du Réel Int’l FF Nyon (2024) – Winner: Grand Angle Audience Award

ZagrebDox (2024) – Winner: Audience Award

Feature International
SA Premiere

Film Poster

No Other Land is filmmaker Basel Adra’s powerful first-person account of living in the Palestinian village of Masafer Yatta, located in an area of the West Bank occupied by the Israeli army, who have declared it a training ground and are intent on removing the local population and their homes, even though they have been living there since the 19th century. As demolition order after demolition order is carried out by the soldiers and their tanks and bulldozers, the families are forced to rebuild some semblance of a home—they have nowhere else to go, no other land. Adra spent five years documenting the relentless evictions and demolitions—of homes, playgrounds, chicken coops, water wells, and even a school—often in the company of sympathetic Israeli journalist Yuval Abraham, and the resulting film is a vital addition to the documentary canon. But it is also, more importantly, an undeniable record of events that receive little attention in the world’s news sites and television feeds.

Cinema Solidarity


Panellist: Ahmad Ghunaim

Panellist: Jaamiah Galant

Panel Moderator: Khalid Shamis

Panellist: Maya Schkolne

Panellist: Mongane Wally Serote

Panellist: Muhammad Dawjee

Panellist: Phillippa Yaa De Villiers

Ster-Kinekor V&A 11 Sun 23 June 2pm + Panel

POST PANEL DISCUSSION: “Inevitability and Temporal Reflections Amidst Crisis”

When the inevitable is imminent what meaning then does time hold? Can a film such as this be considered ‘timely’ when it is recorded at the apex of a more than a 100 year crisis? What then of the power of patience as Adra states to his Israeli ally “You want to end the occupation in ten days – it requires patience.”

We give our time today to Dr Ala Alhourani, a senior lecturer in the Department for Study of Religions at the University of Cape Town whose research foregrounds aesthetic experiences of religion as embodied, knowledge, power, and traditions, and Maya Schkolne from South African Jews for a Free Palestine (SAJFP), to discuss this and other notions of endurance and fortitude in the face of such immense subjugation.

The Zone @ Rosebank 3 Sun 30 June 4.30pm + Panel

POST PANEL DISCUSSION: “The Artist as Witness, Ally and Friend”

Featuring artists who have used their mediums to cross “enemy lines” and whose work builds bridges between sites of struggle across time, space and place, explores the vital role of artists in producing imaginaries that transcend dominant divides towards solidarity, movement building and camaraderie through artistic process and practice.