DocsBarcelona, ES (2024) – Winner: Amnistia Internacional Catalunya

DocsBarcelona, ES (2024) – Nominated: DocsBarcelona TV3 Award: Best Documentary (Honorable Mention)

The Hague Movies that Matter Festival (2024) – Nominated: Activist Documentary Award (Special Mention)

Feature African
African Premiere SA Premiere

Film Poster

A passionate woman embarks on a seemingly impossible quest to reclaim ancestral land. What starts as a search for her father’s remains soon turns into a tense national issue surrounding British colonialism, freedom fighters, and an unjust reality. Pitfalls ensue, and it is hard for those involved not to feel as if their lives are at stake. It is pure grit, determination, and a genuine love for her people that keep her going despite it all and push her to provide for those who did so much for her country yet received so little reward for such a sacrifice.


Co-Producer/Co-Director: Zippy Kimundu

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