World Premiere
African Premiere
SA Premiere
Screenings – CT
Whose Land is it Anyways?V&A SK7Fri 30 June 6pm+ Q&A
Whose Land is it Anyways?Bertha ISat 24 June 2pm+ Q&A
Ster-Kinekor EYE (Invite Only)V&A SK9Sun 2 July 3pm+ Awards Ceremony


Peter Goldsmid


South Africa



Running Time:

19 min


English, isiZulu, Setswana

The Whose Land is it Anyways? Shorts Block includes Our Land, The Gooseberry Grandmother and What the Soil Remembers

The Ster-Kinekor EYE Shorts Block includes Our Land, The Reclaimers, Jikele Maweni Ndiyahamba, Coach, A Performance on Femininity, Push Comes to Shove – Stories of Obstetric Violence: Bongie’s Story

Our Land is a thought-provoking short that sheds light on a crucial aspect of South Africa’s ongoing mine disputes—land reform issues that have been largely overlooked. Director Peter Goldsmid immerses viewers in the lives of rural residents grappling with the profound implications of mines purchasing and polluting the very land they rightfully claim as their own. Unfortunately, existing laws strip these individuals of genuine authority, leaving them powerless in the face of such encroachments. Through poignant storytelling, Goldsmid exposes how these individuals find themselves at the mercy of governing bodies, challenging the established order of control and highlighting the need for change.