Zen Marie

Senior Editor — ellipses […]

Zen Marie is an artist, filmmaker and educator based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

His practice and research engage video, film, photography, performance, and writing, using site-specific or relational processes to critically explore power relations within spaces.

He has collaborated on feature films with filmmakers such as Lindiwe Matshikiza (One Take Grace) and Mpumelelo Mcata on (Film Festival Film), and is currently working with the BLKJKS and The Wretched on a long form version of a video installation that has already been shown at the WITS Art Museum and The JHB Art Gallery.

Marie is also Senior editor of the journal for creative practice ellipses […] which he founded in 2015, as part of the ongoing project of asserting creative and disruptive approaches to research processes and outputs. This work is further sustained in his commitment to the project of the art school.